Posted : 5 Days ago

  1. Update v1.01:
  2. 1. Bug Fix: Fix the bug that squads often wait several seconds to execute an order.
  3. 2. Bug Fix: Enemy squads occasionally move to the corner of the map.
  4. 3. Bug Fix: Attacked by enemy armies at the time of entering a village, the enemies will not show up and battle cannot be completed.
  5. 4. Bug Fix: When selecting multiple squads will put multiple waypoints.
  6. 5. Bug Fix: After capturing an enemy general, the same general will appear in a bar.
  7. 6. Bug Fix: Reversed name of achievement.
  8. 7. Disabled controllers to solve the spinning bug. (we will add options to turn it on in future patches)
  9. 8. Reduced the health growth rate for most soldiers.
  10. 9. Increased combat revenue.
  11. 10. Added fire rate display for guns in the description window.